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Thank You for visiting my Web Site. I hope to answer many of your questions and let you know a little more about what modern dentistry can do to help you! A free consultation with me at the office can help you decide what to do. The next step to get definitive planning and a cost estimate is to gather information about you through complete examination, X-rays, models and photographs. Enjoy the web site. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of making your dream come true!
I am a Knoxville Tennessee (TN) dentist. Offering Implant restoration, bone grafting, implant surgery,gum disease tretment, wisdom teeth, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures & partials, implantology and apicoectomy.
I am trained in all areas of dentistry except Orthodontics. "Braces". I have a passion for the complicated cosmetic makeover and helping the dental cripple to walk with confidence.

Are you a dental coward? Do you have crooked, chipped discolored teeth? With new technology I can remake your smile with porcelain veneers called "Lumineers by Cerinate". With no shots, no drills and no pain. The Lumineers are contact lens thin. They are bonded to your teeth to create the smile of your dreams.

Are you a dental cripple? Do you have tooth loss and bleeding gums? The lack of teeth is called Edentulism. Teeth can be lost due to genetics, trauma or diseases like Periodontal disease (gum Disease). Today with modern bone grafting techniques, lost bone can be replaced and lost teeth can be replaced. Titanium dental implants replace the root and prosthetic teeth are made to fit into the new root.

Today's dream can be tomorrow's reality! Take the first step now by calling 865-690-8890.

See You Soon,

Wm. Stephen Jones, DDS



Dental Implants
The Closest Thing to Natural Teeth

  • To Restore Normal Eating & Speaking Abilities
  • To Enhance Facial Appearance & Confidence
  • To Increase Denture Retention


121 Suburban Road
Building A, Suite 201
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
(865) 690-8890
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