Posterior Replacement

What Can be Restored:
Missing back teeth have unique demands. The challenge is to replace your missing teeth for both appearance and function without harming your remaining teeth or gum tissue.

Besides good function, the ideal results must look like your natural teeth both to you and to others. The solutions possible with ZIMMER products offer the best appearance possibilities available in dentistry.

The ideal replacement for your missing teeth must also feel like natural teeth and be easy to clean. Knowing your teeth are stable during eating and talking means a lot. You'll also be glad your treatment didn't require grinding on your remaining natural teeth.

The long term safety of replacing your lost teeth with dental implants is well established and your doctor will discuss with you a treatment plan for long term results.
The hope of restoring something important that's been lost, especially in the human body, is an exciting possibility. With ZIMMER implants, it's not just a hope. It's a reality.



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